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As described in Hindu Vedas ,
दशपुत्रसमा कन्या दशपुत्रान्प्रवर्द्धयन्।

यत्फलं लभते मर्त्यस्तल्लभ्यं कन्ययैकया॥

"A daughter is equal to ten sons. The merit that one derives by bringing up ten sons is obtainable by bringing up one daughter"

Having blessed with twin daughter Ridhhi & Sidhhi, my bundle of joy was always around maximum and bringing them up has been a blissful journey.

Ridhhi being a special child needs a special attention and i always liked to handcraft those colorful napkins & bibs made up of soft folk fabrics as we spoon-feed her like a baby. Ridhhi always has this affection for every new bib or napkin i craft for her She always reciprocated her affection for these fabrics, napkins & bibs so i always handpicked the ethnic Jaipur fabric by myself.

My elder daughter Sidhhi, an entrepreneur and is already up with her very enthusiastic and successful journey as an Website seller, in her recent visit to Jaipur got enough time to spent with us during this Covid crisis.

So a morning over tea, Siddhi said “Maa, you & your skills deserves a much better reach, why don’t you tell your story & skills to the world through an Website”

Without wasting any time i started learning about how it go with Website as a seller & realized the immense opportunity Internet brings to the crafters & designers like me & I took a plunge to this journey with a will to offer to the world the most authentic love they can carry for fabrics & crafts from fabric & there started “Fabricrush”

Started with face mask Fabricrush now host a range of crafts from fabric with a very supportive hand from my Husband “Mukul”, who always ensures & assures our customers should be always happy & smiling with their purchase & services by Fabricrush.

Life has completely surprised me with the opportunity I can now see and acknowledge with every sale & every customer review Fabricrush secures , Its now an everyday excitement :)

This is Fabricrush story so far as we awaits many more milestones.

Thank You ��

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