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Fabric Quality 100% Cotton -
Soft & Durable Our block-printed tablecloths are printed on preshrunk, superior grade, 100% soft cotton, and are exquisitely finished with neatly stitched hems for everyday use.
Quality Craftsmanship Handcrafted -
Inspired by the walls of Indian forts, this table cover features a floral pattern in multiple shades; laboriously hand printed individually using the ancient tradition of hand block printing. Each piece might have slight variations due to the inherent nature of hand block print art which only adds to their beauty. 
Versatile & Environment Friendly  -
These high-quality cotton tablecloths are sustainable because they are machine washable, reusable, multi-purpose, and bio-degradable. These can also be used as a wall tapestry, picnic sheet, beach spread, etc. 
Perfect For Any Occasion -
Impress your friends and family with these beautiful table covers great for everyday dinner, Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, fall, summer, and every holiday. They also make for an excellent gift.

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