5 Reasons Why

Why you can trust us:

Why choose Cotton Print Club for your home accessories or apparel? Here’s what makes us stand out:

1. Always Authentic Fabric

  • Each design has fabric featuring machine washable material. It’s also biodegradable and reusable, meaning that all our products are a friend to the earth.

2. Unique Designs

  • You’ll have Indo-Western design pieces that not only look extraordinary but tell stories of tradition and timeless art-form. The blocks we use are inspired from the old forts of India, Hence we love to preserve a little history in everything we do.

3. Affordable Pricing

  • How to make cotton block printed products affordable? Because we source and ship directly from the manufacturer so we get the best prices without any middlemen. We aim to transfer the savings to you to make sure our customers get the best deals.

4. Customization

  • Shopping with Cotton Print Club is a brilliant way to add unique table cloths, napkins, cushion covers, and more to your home while supporting small businesses. We can even customize our designs and create you some gorgeous home products for your dream home!

5. 30 Day NO Hassle returns

  • Please connect with us if you are unhappy with your purchase and we will happily process your return and refund. Return shipping to UK only!

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